EasyMe is envisioned as the front-end delivery points for all types of services to the rural and urban citizens.

In addition to the universe of G2C services, the EasyMe Guidelines envisage a wide variety of content and services that could be offered Abroad Examination assistance, Job Consultancy, Educational Consultancy and IT Software Services.

  • Medical Licensing Examinations

    We providesassistance to students take themedical examination such as DHA, HAAD, MOH, Qatar Licensing, Saudi Licensing, Oman Licensing, Dataflow, Prometric.

  • Online Education

    Easy Learning gives you a platform to students take tuitions and courses.

  • G2C Services

    Easyme provides high quality and cost-effective services, in the areas of e-governance, E-Registration, E-Charge & Bill Payments as well as other private services.

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1,200DHA Applications
500MOH Applications
1,850Haad, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Applications
3,586G2C Services